Profitable partnership

We at Woodcomp wish to build our customer relationships into long-term business partnerships. We think long-term and with the interest of our customers in mind. We are building the future with our partners. Partnership is at the heart of our strategy.

Both parties benefit from partnering


A successful project begins with good planning. We use our own proven solutions and details in planning and design which enable us to ensure safe and sustainable construction, as well as a solution that is cost-effective and competitive for the customer.


Tavoitteellinen kumppanuus luo pohjan menestyksekkäälle toiminnalle. Yhdessä määritellyt tavoitteet antavat kumppanuudelle suunnan, johon yhdessä pyritään.


At Woodcomp, the main idea of a partnership is that we are stronger when we work together. Partnering also makes it possible to share risks and responsibilities.