We are a family enterprise in Raahe, Finland engaged in wood processing and industrial wood construction. Our flexible and efficient operation is based on benefiting from Woodcomp Group’s own synergies. We process and refine wood products, starting from planning and surface treatment to final construction products.

Modern production lines enable individual and efficient production and the final high quality is ensured by our committed staff. TEST.

Woodcomp’s values




Woodcomp’s story


Birth of Woodcomp

Woodcomp Oy starts operations and purchases the wood processing business of Toivo Törmikoski Oy in the Piehinki area of Raahe.


Puumesta becomes a subsidiary

Subsidiary Puumesta Oy is established. It purchases the lumberyards of Junnikkalan Saha in Raahe and Ylivieska.


Lapaluodon Puu starts operations

Associated company Lapaluodon Puu, which is specialized in wood drying, starts operations in Lapaluoto in the Port of Raahe.


Woodcomp’s operations move to Lapauoto

Production of band saw line, planing line and painting line begins in the Lapaluoto area of Raahe.


Woodcomp’s precut production begins

Precut business and collaboration with Kastelli-talot Oy begins.


KW-component Oy’s production of prefabricated building components begins

Hall and equipment investment of joint venture KW-component Oy is completed and wall production is launched – prefab components for 135 houses are delivered.


New surface treatment line is opened

New hall for production and storage is completed and production of painting line is launched.


Production of modules begins in Raahe at Kiiluntie road

Production of modular building sections begins in the Kaupunginmetsä industrial area of Raahe.


Woodcomp’s success factors

Entrepreneurial spirit and committed and skilled staff

High quality products and reliable delivery

Efficient in-house planning and modern production technology

Unique seamless processing chain and synergies of Woodcomp companies

Extensive product portfolio from wood products to completed modular building sections

Excellent stakeholder relationships and subcontracting partnerships